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PARI | 3D Metal Butterfly Shaped Wall Decor

PARI | 3D Metal Butterfly Shaped Wall Decor


The symbol of the ones spreading peace and happiness with their harmony and colorful personality, and loved by everyone PARI 3D Metal Butterfly Shaped Wall Decor. 

The PARI 3D Metal Butterfly Shaped Wall Decor is more than just a beautiful decoration for your home or office. It represents the essence of spreading peace and happiness through harmony and a colorful personality. The butterfly is often seen as a symbol of transformation and new beginnings, reminding us to embrace change and growth in our lives.

Those who are drawn to the PARI wall decor are often free-spirited, with a positive outlook on life. They value creativity, beauty, and individuality, and they find joy in sharing their unique perspectives with others. These people have a natural ability to spread happiness and positivity wherever they go, and their infectious energy draws others towards them.

The PARI butterfly also represents the importance of mindfulness and living in the present moment. Just like a butterfly flits from flower to flower, those who resonate with this symbol are always seeking new experiences and opportunities for growth. They understand that life is fleeting and that every moment should be savored and appreciated.

In summary, the PARI 3D Metal Butterfly Shaped Wall Decor is a beautiful representation of those who spread joy and positivity through their colorful personalities and harmonious ways. It reminds us to embrace change and growth, live in the present moment, and appreciate the beauty in our lives.



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🔨 The product can be hanged to wall thanks to the piece behind.

⚫ This product is produced just in black color.

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  • Dimensions:

    6x28x34 cm

  • Weight:

    650 gr

  • OTTOCKRAFT™ assembled

    in ± 2 hours

  • 100%


Creating a Stunning Display: How to Hang Our 3D Metal Art on Your Wall

Are you curious about how to create an elegant display of our stunning 3D Metal Art on your wall? Let us guide you through the process step-by-step:

  • 1) Perfect Placement: The First Step

    Begin by placing the template of your chosen product onto the desired area. This step will ensure that your product is perfectly positioned on the wall.

  • 2) Solid Support: Drill and Anchor

    Use a drill to create holes in the marked areas of the template and insert the anchors. A strong and sturdy screw will hold the weight of your product. To achieve an even more secure solution, use extra screws on the additional support points marked on the template.

  • 3) Effortless Hanging: Frame-like Backing

    Our products come with a specially designed serrated section, similar to a frame, on the back. This section will make it easy and convenient for you to hang your product on the wall. Once you have completed the preparations for the anchors and screws, use the hanging section on the back of the product to hang it on the wall.

  • 4) Celebrate Your Style: Showcase Your 3D Metal Art with Confidence!

    Now that you have learned the intricacies of hanging our 3D Metal Art on your wall, unleash your imagination and add a wonderful touch to your home or office!

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PARI | 3D Metal Butterfly Shaped Wall Decor


  • There may be 5 – 10 mm frisking in hand made products.
  • Our base product color is black.
  • All products are subjected to our special dye treatment in which moisture, heat and rust resistant dyes are used.

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